Our Commitment to Green & Why It Benefits You

What is the difference between an Insulated cup and a Plastic cup?

The Insulated cup allows for your coffee to stay at temperature for longer, while the Plastic cup will loose heat quickly. Therefore, you will have to use more energy in the long term to heat up the plastic cup.

At J. Hall Homes, we believe our homes should act as that Insulated cup. We make sure that the envelope of the home is air tight, energy efficient, and

  • 2×6 Exterior Wall Construction
  • 1″ Structural Insulated Sheathing on Exterior Walls (R-5.5)
  • HVAC System Inside the Envelope
W H A T   I S    T H E   H E R S   I N D E X ?
The HERS index is the industry standard of measuring a home’s energy efficiency with 0 being the most energy efficient home. With all of the large and small projects, J. Hall Homes has sustained an average HERS  score of 44.94, and 83% of the homes built were rated Earthcraft Gold or higher!