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Custom Homes

We are a business that understands what value is.  At J. Hall, we do certain things for you, our clients, because it is in your best interest, it brings you value, and it is the right thing to do!  We educate the buyer on the process and the ins and out of our beliefs and techniques.  We offer personalization on details and, from more than 20 years in the industry, have the foresight to protect you against common pitfalls and delays.  Our homes are energy efficient, and truly green throughout!
We are not a production builder.  Our homes vary as much as our clients.  We believe our clients should be involved in every aspect of the building experience, from carefully selecting their land, designing their home, choosing interior components, and understanding the construction of their home and how its systems work.  We offer our clients a personalized building experience, where they are truly comfortable with the process.

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned as we add available our available and award winning floor plans.

Complete Renovation and Addition Services

We know building!  We build with efficiency, safety, cost-effective methods and quality.  We put the same intense effort and attention to design, detail, and value engineering into our client’s homes as we do for our own.  We believe in our process and we are committed to building homes with integrity that last.
J. Hall Homes has completed exceptional home improvement and remodeling jobs, ranging from detached garages and studio builds, to complete bath and kitchen overhauls, to unique designs for theater rooms, energy efficient and solar energy upgrades, to whole house renovations.
Many of our remodeling clients are return customers  Many are original build clients who want to add value or features that they did not have the opportunity to do the first time around.  We credit positive customer referrals with the successes we have had in this arm of our work.


Through our preferred lenders, J. Hall Homes offers a variety of financing options for homes at all price points – from the modest to the most elegant custom homes on the market.  Our preferred lenders have the proven ability to give our clients the competitive edge on financing their new home.  While the unparalleled construction to permanent financing method is generally preferred by our customers, standard financing, including various incentives such as closing cost assistance, builder buy downs as well as construction incentives paid by the builder, are also available.  Contact one of our preferred lenders today to get pre-qualified!

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