J. Hall Homes is an Award Winning Builder of Green Sustainable Homes in Fredericksburg Virginia.  Builder Jeff Hall was awarded by Virdiant and Earth Craft for building the Single Family Project of the Year in 2017, and additionally was awarded with building three of the top ten most energy efficient houses of 2017!
Jeff believes in delivering high-level, sustainable product to his clients, and proves his commitment to sustainability by consistently enrolling 100% of his single family home projects in the Viridiant – Earth Craft House and Energy Star programs since 2008. With all of the large and small projects, J. Hall Homes has sustained an average HERS score of 44.94, and 83% of the homes built were rated Earthcraft Gold or Higher!
Not only does Jeff incorporate sustainability into all of his homes, but he also spends considerable time educating his clients on all of the various facets of environmentally friendly building.  This extra step provides tremendous value to the homeowner.  Jeff continually pushes his Trade Partners to change the way they do business by challenging them to incorporate new and innovative products and encouraging them to incorporate Building Science practices into their day to day work. 
With Jeff’s continued commitment to Green Building, he sets himself apart from the competition, providing tremendous value to his clients, and has improved the quality of work from the building trades.  Jeff demands the very best quality from his work force, holds all of his trades accountable to a higher standard of building, and provides an excellent finished product to his fortunate homeowners.  From concept to creation, Jeff brings his vision, knowledge, and wisdom to every house he builds. J. Hall Homes is proud to be an Award Winning Builder of Green Sustainable Homes in Fredericksburg Virginia.