Modern Home Builders Magazine’s latest article on Green Builders has featured J. Hall Homes as an Energy Efficient Custom Home Builder in Fredericksburg VA!  The entire magazine article can be viewed here and we’re on pages 84-86!

J. Hall Homes combines quality, design and environmentally friendly materials and methods in all of its projects. “We believe in reducing the carbon footprint on the Earth, re­ducing the energy needed to run a house, and in our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment in a home,” Founder and President Jeff Hall says. “We want to do the right thing.” Hall first became interested in construction and design as a teenager. One of his largest projects was two half-pipe skateboard ramps. He began his career in the building industry in 1993, when he graduated from Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I., with a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial technology, a concentra­tion in construction science, and a minor in business. Upon graduating,Hall went to work for a large builder in Fair­fax, Va. While there, he was exposed to a diverse range of building styles including single-family homes, multi-family homes and con­dominiums, he says. That experience led him to start J. Hall Homes in 1999, a de­sign/build company building custom homes in the region sur­rounding Fredericksburg, VA. The company’s homes average $750,000 and the majority of J. Hall Homes’ projects are on lots owned by its customers, Hall says.